What we offer


Our rivets can be used in many applications and come with a wide range of head types and gauges. All rivets can be made to correct specifications and dimensions dependant upon requirements.Rivets

Threaded Fasteners

Our manufacturing facility includes cold-forging, thread rolling, special cold form rolling, knurling, head and shank slotting, trimming, pointing and drilling.


Whilst we are happy to manufacture products to BS, ISO, DIN and other international Standards, many of our products are customer specific. We work with our customers to develop components for specific applications.

Automotive Parts

Clevedon supply OEM and aftermarket in both the car and commercial vehicle segments. Our products go into a wide variety of automotive applications including Braking, Body, Windscreen Wipers assemblies, Engine Management.

Riveting Machines, Tooling, Spares and Servicing

We provide our customers with a complete fastener management system. We offer a full range of machines for assembly of semi and fully tubular rivets.


Products can be heat treated and plated to any commercially available specification or finish.